Welcome to a place where you will find a piece of yourself! These pieces add up to the legacy of you!

I fell in love with leaving legacies when I listened to my grandmother and others tell us stories. At that time, I didn’t know how it would take over my life and my writing.

Each person leaves legacies to those who come after them:

  • physically (material items or money)
  • culturally (inherent)
  • educationally (learning/teaching/living day-to-day)
  • emotionally (treatment of others), spiritually (religion, character)
  • naturally (generational)

The average person, maybe unconsciously, has an inherent need to leave something behind after they’ve passed through an area on earth. To touch someone… to make something… to give something… And I offer them the chance to create a legacy to fill that need.

These stories, articles, tips, and secrets-to-come flow from my heart to yours. In some, you will find encouragement from the birds at our birdfeeder or from a story my grandmother told many years ago. In others, homeschooling parents can borrow from my years of doing unit studies, and young writers will get tips on how to develop their characters at the mall. In one of my favorites, you can “virtually” join me on a journey across America, and in the last, draw deep from the well of wisdom from my best friend, Jesus Christ.

 I dedicate this website to each person who wants to leave their mark on this world!